Based in Rhode Island, serving Connecticut and Southern Massachusetts.

As an artist, I am inspired by the beauty found in simplicity. Each of my portraits focuses on the individual or family. It's not about the background; it's the people. Plain and simple. As you scan my website you might notice that my portraits can go from serious to silly; it's because I want to photograph the real person and I can only bring that out when I've taken the time to find them. That's why you'll never see a time limit to my session. It's more important for me to get to know you than it is to worry about how much time we have together. During my sessions my total focus is on my client. It's probably why my clients often become like family. I like the people I photograph. I enjoy my time spent with them and I wouldn't hurry it for the world. 

I believe custom photography is worth the investment. It tells our children they are important. It reinforces the significance of the family. It is a gift to future generations.


In case you want to know a little more:

I love West Virginia University football and basketball. GO MOUNTAINEERS!

I had brain surgery for a disease called moyamoya - it's part of the reason I took the leap into photography (it's true, you only live once and you don't know for how long, so find what you love and do it!) - ask me about it.  I'm striving to tell the world and save others who might suffer with moyamoya.

I love hot chocolate and eggnog, but hate winter.

I love planning vacations as much as I do taking them.

My favorite place is the beach and I'm glad I only live a few miles from it.

I believe in the redeeming power of Jesus Christ and the way His love has changed my life.


What's the next step?

Let's chat over hot chocolate (or lemon tea):

Call or text me: 401-864-2522

email me: janknit@mac.com

Come on now, you've been putting this off long enough,  life is speeding by and you'll have nothing to show how wonderful it is.